Negotiating can be tough until you realize you have the capacity to own your future.

I remember in graduate school, how I felt at the end of Dr. Linda Babcock's negotiating class.


She had taught us the basics of collaborative negotiation and I took her lessons and ran with it. I negotiated my first few jobs (as well as falling in to working on campaigns and organizing my campus) and I saw how negotiation skills helped me make the seemingly impossible, possible. 

That's what I want to do for you, too.

I'm a negotiation coach, a regular contributor to Forbes, and a workshop facilitator. I want to assist you in claiming your worth while helping you define your authentic, competitive edge by counting the things that have meaning for you. 

My methods brings together negotiation techniques, strategic planning skills, iterative design and productivity habits in a way that will help you implement your dreams.

I worked for 20 years in progressive politics, where I helped people run for office, developed volunteer and leadership forces, and I mentored dozens of staff as they navigated career paths and pivots.

I'm dedicated to helping people thrive as whole human beings.

That means I want to help coach people on building sustainable, healthy habits - negotiating and winning at work and home, and also with themselves and their personal ecology. My ability to coach on diet and health is informed by my own recovery from physical burnout. I successfully adopted a sugar-free, gluten-free paleo diet in 2013, which helped me reverse the early signs of Type II diabetes. I permanently quit smoking in 2014. I love to assist others in building and sustaining radically healthy habits in their lives.

I hold a master of science in performance measurement from Carnegie Mellon University. I am also a certified integrative health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the State University of New York, Purchase.  I am certified as an effective trainer in adult learning based on the work of the Center for Effective Performance.

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband Mykle and our much beloved dog and two rescue cats. When I'm not coaching or writing, I am an avid fiber artist and I practice Muay Thai kickboxing and traditional boxing.

Find me on Twitter @nerdette and Instagram @tanyatarr.

I'd love to work together!